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Effectively represents interests in economic courts, a lawyer specializing in economic disputes.

Thus, I tackle the following problems:

Representation in economic courts, dispute settlement

The lawyer’s task is to develop and implement the optimal and reliable line of defense of your interests in the economic court, using the maximum opportunities to achieve the goal set by you. At the initial stage of work the lawyer makes a preliminary analysis of the case and gives a legal opinion on the possible options for its settlement in court and out of court. You will receive a clear and distinct legal opinion to make a considered and proper decision regarding the case. And only after considering all the possible scenarios with you, the lawyer prepares documents for a legal recourse.

Corporate law

Corporate practice includes registration of companies, M&A and business restructuring, legal support of accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies, liquidation of companies and representative offices, legal advice to an owner on the issues of setting up business and relationship building with co-founders. A key feature of corporate practice is a selection of the most correct and safe way of doing business since its very foundation.

Liquidation. Bankruptcy.

A proper balanced approach to business termination procedure (liquidation, bankruptcy) will help an owner to save its assets and a creditor to record losses in time and, possibly, reimburse them. Timely legal advice and a gradual and adjusted conduct of the company winding up procedures (liquidation, bankruptcy) will guarantee the security of an owner (debtor) and respect for rights of a creditor.

Commercial activities

Doing business legally and openly is a key to success and prosperity. Competent legal advice, properly drafted documents guarantee legal security and legal basis for your business.

Real estate and construction

Real estate is an investment tool and a reliable asset. The risk in making decisions regarding investment in real estate should be minimized or reduced to zero. Legal support of real estate transactions is a guarantee of such security.

Settled cases

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